Conversations with Kaylin and her School Sports Day

A conversation with my 5 year old Kaylin recently:

*seeing a police car whizz by with flashing lights and whailing sirens*

Kaylin:  Mum, if you are naughty, the police will come and put you in jail!  Like if you touch their stuff or something...

Me:  Yes, love.

Kaylin:  They put you in a room with bars and they lock it with a key and throw it away.

Me:   Thats terrible! Then you really need to make sure you don't do anything naughty.  Otherwise, the police will come and handcuff you and take you away to jail.

Kaylin:  Oh yes!

Me:  What do you do in jail?

Kaylin:  Nothing! You just sit there - all alone!

Me:  What else?

Kaylin:  And you don't get to see your Mummy or Daddy or Sister or Pickles [our cat]

Me:  What do you get to eat in jail?

Kaylin:  MUSHROOMS! ... and VINEGAR!

Me:  Oh My, thats doesn't sound nice at all.

Kaylin:  It's not!

Me:  Gosh, I really don't want to go to jail.

Kaylin:  Me either.... EVER!

Kaylin had her School Sports Day yesterday and it was a success.  The weather was nice and sunny but still a chilly winter's day with everyone wrapped up in their winter woolies, jackets, scarves and hats. 

Kaylin enjoyed running her race.  She was getting so impatient waiting for those few seconds that it took to run from the start to finish and hearing "Ready, Steady, Go!".

The Opening Parade
The Pram Race
Mums and Dads Piggie Back Race

Dads Beer Chugging Race
Kaylin's race started off by holding dad's hand
Then Kaylin realised she could go faster without Daddy
Nearly there, Mum!
I won!  Chuffed that she got a prize and a winning medal