We give advice and Taboo Sex Education in Children

We give advice and Taboo Sex Education in Children

Many modern parents are now starting to provide sex education or to enter into schools that provide sex education curriculum in children. There are several suggestions and restrictions that should be considered parents when giving or addressing sex education. Anything?

Sex education is teaching efforts, raising awareness and providing information about sexual problems. One of the information provided is knowledge about the function of reproductive organs to instill morals, ethics, commitment to prevent 'abuse' of the sexual organs.

According to psychologist Sani B Hirawan, MPsi in writing detikHealth, sex education should start early until someone got married. "Good sex education is given if already built a two-way dialogue between parent and child, which is about age 2-3 years," explains psychologist Sani.

Here are some suggestions and taboos that can be done to address the parents of children who are given sex education in schools, as reported by About.com, Wednesday (01/06/2011):


Let the kids get sex education in schools. You may not agree with some being taught, but education can serve as a starting point.
Keep communication open with children
Ask about sex education in school curriculum
Relate well with the teacher sex education but not dictates.


Do not be too fussy and make a child embarrassed by sex education in school that he can
Do not think that sex education in school that the child can suffice. Children today are bombarded with a lot of access to pornography either from the media or peers. Thus it remains accompanied children well.
Do not impose your opinion on sex education in children. Issues of sexuality have some gray areas and every generation has their own opinion. Respect your child's opinion.

Prikolog Sani explained sex education at the age of the children begins with the mention of genitals that is true, then continued with the function for what. If the child is taught to understand how to care for and maintain the genitals.

When he was a teenager, then the sex education provided is to know how children understand about puberty for example about wet dreams, the growth of Adam's apple or menstruation for girls.

At the age of premarital, new sex education provided contains about how to have sex is healthy. As for those who are married, then sex education provided is how to remain qualified for sex.