2012 Peugeot 308 SW

Elegant lines enhanced by the technology

The design of the new Peugeot 308 new features subtle styling cues of the brand Peugeot. While the dimensions remain unchanged, the new lines marry as close as possible to the mechanical components of the car to emphasize its athletic ease, while the front side gives a charge of "floating" grid concept. Greater importance attached uninterrupted surface reflects a desire to present an elegant and luxurious. The center dust cap that comes in a black finish paint is thinned to focus more on metal large. This also applies to the single air intake, which is now smaller.

Exterior design enhances the natural elegance that radiates from the new 308 Satin Chrome heel to improve the new grid, as well as the horizontal bars, available in black or polished chrome, the body styles (sedan, the CC or SW).

The lower section of the lower fascia, which helps to visually expand the car and "plant" is on the way, includes new dual headlights (day and lights), boomerang-shaped, depending on the version. With his finish, which fit perfectly and are harmoniously arranged around the light above the fog. Composed of variable intensity LED and a light guide, which guarantee a unique visual signature day and night, while illustrating the high level of technology contained in the new 308.

At the top, the V-shaped nose of the hood is a major expressive characteristics of Peugeot 308. Has been redesigned to accommodate the mechanical assembly of the car as close as possible and provides a new link with the grid floating in accordance with the new style signs Peugeot. Make the plate in its construction of the new material doubles position is proudly at the end of the hood of a new set of black lacquer with pearl chrome, also V-shaped