Boss' Day on Friday

So its National Boss's Day on Friday, 16 October 2009.

My dilema is this:

I have six boss's and this year is no exception, I won’t be buying them anything...(cheap scot I hear you saying)

I feel a bit shitty about this because they always spoil me rotten on Secretary’s Day but I really can't afford to give them all individual gifts.  My boss's are all so different and they are all of the female gender so they're all blinkin' fussy, besides, the moths just flew out of my wallet.

Perhaps I should write a boss’s day poem for the kewl boss's (nothing too sloppy, I don't want them to expect an anal lickin').  For the biatches, I can glue a thumb tack to their chair?

Any suggestions on what I can do for them that won't involve me selling a kidney or a much-needed appendage?